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 Current Services  

        The SIT Knowledge Service Center offers a wide range of service only for SIT lecturers, staff and students. It makes available IT and computer related textbooks, articles, newspapers, journals, reports, Thesis / Projects and multimedia materials to all its Knowledge Service Center members.

        Database, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Programming Language, Management Information Systems, Mathematics, Computer Operating Systems, etc.
        Books can be found on the shelves. Most of them can be borrowed and can not be renewed. Books marked R are for use in the Knowledge Service Center only.

        Current issues are near the book shelves. There are Thai and English journals.
        Recent issues can be found near the book shelves. There are arranged by title in a separate collection. They are available for Knowledge Service Center members.

  • Foreign journals : HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, DR.DOBB'S Journal, etc.
  • Thai journals : PC MAGAZINE (THAI), IT.SOFT, NECTEC, Quick PC, Business.Com, Corporate Thailand, eLeader, MBA, etc.

        Articles are about computer or technology. They are on the Current Journal Shelves

        All M.Sc. reports are kept in the boxes. Please contact our staff.

Theses / Projects
        Theses completed by Master students of SIT can be found on the Reference Thesis Shelves, These are orange covered books and with R (Reference) for use in the Knowledge Service Center only, but the second copy can be borrowed.

Projects are divides into two kinds :
        1. Senior projects completed by Bachelor students of SIT; a blue covered book and can be borrowed.
        2. Special projects completed by Master students of SIT; a black covered book and with R (Reference) for use in the Knowledge Service Center only, the second copied can be borrowed.

CD-ROMs / Diskettes
        CD-ROMs / Diskettes are contiguous to textbook or journal or student project.

English Language Corner
        This particular corner offers a good selection of books mainly in the area of English language learning with facilities for self-access study, and a large collection of videos, ranging from documentaries, English conversation, travel to latest British and American films. This service, which is free of charge, is open to all SIT students and SIT staff. It aims to help them improve their English skills and to entertain them.



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