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       In the world of technological and industrial development, it is necessary to keep ourselves up to date. The SIT School's executive board had foreseen the importance and need of computer technology to our dailylife. The SIT Knowledge Service Center was founded on the 8th of January, 1996 to be an educational supporting centre for our SIT students, lecturers and staff in order to do research and gain new knowledge.

       From this line of thoughts, the Knowledge Service Center staff studied ways of applying computer technology. Initially, the Knowledge Service Center's database system had been developed by a visiting researches from China, using a software package known as FoxPro. Later on, one of our M.Sc. students improved the system by using Access. After that, the new software package called Oracle Developer 2000 has been in use to increase the better quality of the service.

       As the educational supporting centre, the Knowledge Service Center Staff have a strong will and are ready to serve all SIT members.




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