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    Knowledge Service Center's Regulations  


Students can only borrow 3 items per period of time (depending on each type of material, please see its regulation and fine).

Students bringing bags into the library must declare it / them to the Knowledge Service Center before leaving the Knowledge Service Center.
Students must dress properly and must not disturb other users.
Food and drink are not allowed in.

Students must take good care of all Library's properties and do not take them out of the Knowledge Service Center without permission.

In case of overdue, students are liable to charge which varies according to each type of material :
Material type
Timing Limits
General Book 14   days
  5 Baht per day
Reserved Book   7   days
20 Baht per day
VDO / CD-ROM / Diskette /
Cassette tape
14   days
  5 Baht per day
E-Learning CD-ROM (Tube)   7  days
20 Baht per day
E-Learning CD-ROM (Plate)   3   days
20 Baht per day


       In case of damage or loss, students must immediately report such an incident to the Knowledge Service Center for checking. Students are liable to all charges, for example, if a book is lost, students will be responsible for replacement without delay, replacement fee, and overdue fee. For more information, please contact our staff at 02-4709864.


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